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Build Your Bond

Baby Massage: Welcome
Infant Massage

Give your little one the beautiful gift of Infant Massage!


  • Interaction - Bonding, Nurturing touch, Communication, Quality time, Respect

  • Relief - Colic, Wind, Constipation, Muscular tension, Gastrointestinal cramps, excess mucus, Growing Pains

  • Stimulation - Circulatory System, Respiratory System, Digestive System, Nervous System, Growth

  • Relaxation - Sleep, calmness/self calming, Reduction of stress levels, higher levels of anti stress hormones

Cheeky Squeaks' instructor is a Certified Infant Massage Instructor with Baby Massage Ireland and the International Association of Infant Massage

Infant massage has been handed down through generations in many countries around the world. Founder of the International Association if Infant Massage, Vimala McClure first observed it being practiced during a trip to India.  She practiced it on her own children in America, word spread in her neighbourhood and soon Vimala was teaching other mothers. From here the International association of infant massage was founded and now has chapters in over 50 countries around the world, and counting...

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Our Infant Massage Classes

Our Baby Massage Classes are all about you and your baby, we offer a warm friendly environment where you both can relax. Babies have needs and wants that are unpredictable so you are welcome to tend to your little one however you need to during the class from feeding to changing to just having a wander. Crying is expected and accepted so don't worry.


Cheeky Squeaks Infant Massage classes are suitable from birth to 12 months.

Classes run for 5 weeks and usually last around 90 minutes, about half of that time is spent on the important business of tea, treats and chat.


The course costs €125, If you have health insurance check with your insurer as many cover some of the cost


Next Courses Commences September 12th @ 10 am in Quaker House, Stocking Lane Rathfarnham D16

What you need:

  • A blanket or towel for your baby to lie on

  • Your baby will be partially undressed do simple clothing is recommended - a baby grow is ideal

  • We usually sit on the floor so wear something comfy 

  • Oil is provided and is yours to take away so there is no need to bring any


Bring anything else your baby usually needs when out and about

Baby Massage: Homepage_about
Join A Class Today

We offer:

  • Group sessions where you can meet other parents and babies from your area and enjoy a chat over a cuppa and a treat (go on, you deserve it!);

  • One to one sessions are also available in your home; or

  • You can arrange private sessions for you and some friends either at your home or our venue

We would love you to come along and for your precious bundle to become one of our Cheeky Squeakers!

Baby Massage: Homepage_about
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