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Grow and Have Fun


Baby Yoga: Welcome

Have fun together through movement, song and imagination !


  • Strengthening of the body, flexibility, balance and stimulation of all the senses

  • Enhances physical wellbeing and stimulates language, listening and developmental skills

  • Builds confidence and independence while enhancing communication between parent and Toddler

  • Structured base for parents to exercise and have fun with their toddler

  • Relaxation to contrast with energetic activy


Cheeky Squeaks' instructor is a Qualified Toddler Yoga Instructor with Birthlight


The Inspiration for the Birthlight approach to Toddler Yoga came from the Peruvian Amazon Native people  where Birthlight founder Francoise Freedman conducted her fieldwork for Cambridge University. She observed the wonderful ways in which local families handled and cared for their babies and applied the ideas to her own children. Some traditional techniques used with infants in India have also been incorporated into the sequences. Years of practice and research underlie the integrated set of exercises presented on this course

Toddler Yoga
Baby Yoga: Homepage_about
Our Toddler Yoga Classes 

We offer a warm friendly environment where you both can relax and have fun. Toddlers can be unpredictable as they discover their little personalities, this is expected and accepted so don't fret about the occasional little cry or times they may get distracted, everybody is in the same boat. We use Story telling, songs and props such as blocks and balls to stimulate little imaginations and keep them interested. At the end of the class toddlers are encouraged to relax ensuring they are calm and happy when class is over

Cheeky Squeaks Toddler yoga classes are suitable from 18 months to 4 years.


Courses run for 5 classes and usually last around 60 minutes.


The course costs €65


New Course Commence:  Classes are currently scheduled


What you need:

  • You and your toddler will be moving about a lot so you should both dress comfortably

  • Your toddler should be barefoot for the class to avoid slipping 

  • Bring anything else your Toddler usually needs when out and about

Baby Yoga: Homepage_about
Baby Yoga: Homepage_about
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