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Hear What They’re Saying

Andrea & Jacob

We stared baby massage when Jacob was only 4 weeks and loved it from the very first class.We continued with baby yoga and soon Friday became our favourite day during my maternity leave - we had so much fun!! Even daddy enjoyed practicing with Jacob at home to make him giggle. I've lost count of how many yoga terms we attended, but by the time Jacob turned 9 months we had to say good bye.Cara is a wonderful, skilled, understanding and fun instructor and the venue is just perfect for little babies. Highly recommended

Ross & Elle

Ross Good A.K.A The Stented Papa came along to classes with one of his little girls. See what he had to say from a Daddy's perspective at

Jenny & Saorfliath

I started the baby massage class when my baby was 6 weeks old. My little girl found it very relaxing and always slept really well afterwards. It was a great way to meet new moms. I still use the massage with my baby now and she is 7 months. It really calms her down.It was great to move on with friends to another class after babies got a bit big for the massage class. I started yoga when baby was 14 weeks. She absolutely loved it from day one. She got great enjoyment out of all the songs, swings and movement. She is a very active baby and this class kept her entertained throughout. I still sing the songs and do some of the swings with her. They always bring a smile to her face.

Gillian & Eva

Eva and I attended Cara's Baby Massage class when she was about 7 months old and although Eva was older than most of the other babies she really enjoyed her weekly massage and all of the lovely rhymes which Cara used to guide us through the various strokes. We are still singing many of these rhymes many months later! I am due my second baby in about two months and can't wait to rejoin Cara's massage class for some one-on-one time with my new baby as it is such a fantastic way for mother and baby to connect and to relax. I would definitely recommend the class to all Mums with young babies

Tracey & Billy

Read a review of our classes on Love of Living - A Lifestyle Blog.

Tracey attended Baby Massage classes with Billy

Colette & Zoe

I began Cara's baby yoga classes with my daughter when she turned 4 months. I was not sure how I would feel about baby yoga but from day 1 really enjoyed it as did my daughter judging by the smiles and laughter! Cara is very welcoming and the classes had a lovely mix of songs and movement for the babies. The tea and biscuits at the end of each class meant to was great to meet other mums and chat. Would highly recommend, the courses were a big highlight of my mat leave!

Fiona & Finn

Cara's Baby Yoga was the first ever class I did with my little boy and we both loved it. The setting and view from the room are lovely and very tranquil. Cara is great, so enthusiastic and friendly. I found the class was a lovely way to bond with my baby and do something fun together. It was very easy going and relaxed, and a good way to met other mums and chat about all things babies!! I would recommend this class to anyone!!

Karen & Emelia-Rae

Emelia and I enjoyed our Cheeky Squeaks baby massage class so much that we went onto join the baby yoga course also, it was so lovely to have one on one time with my baby and in such a lovely venue too. The massage class really helped her colic and reflux and the yoga was lots of fun! I would highly recommend these courses to any other mums or dads out there, Cara is a wonderful instructor, relaxed but informative, you will not be disappointed. Thank-you Cheeky Squeaks!

Aoife & Adam

This has been a really wonderful way to spend proper quality time with my baby just for us! Both Adam and I loved it!! Cara a was great teacher : professional, relaxing and fun . Cara always knew how to put us at ease if Adam was a bit off. I learned how to know when was best to massage Adam and also how to help relax him for bed. It was really nice meeting the other mums and being able to bounce off each other. We had great fun at massage time. I'll miss the class and the opportunity to meet other new mums! Adam will miss it too and the babies and the singing!!

Carol & Sean

Seán and I have really enjoyed Cara's baby yoga class. Seán loves interacting with the other babies and Cara makes it fun for the babies and mammies with a mix of gentle stretches, fun movements and lifts, songs the babies love and relaxation for all.

Jurgita & Julius

My son and I really enjoy the baby massage and baby yoga , the instructor is very nice and she makes it easy to have fun with Julius and the atmosphere is very nice and warm. I recommend everyone to try this

Sinead & Ben

I started baby massage when my son was 5 weeks old, the class provided a wonderful opportunity for bonding and relaxing with my baby. Ben loves the massage and it was great to learn a hands on way of helping ease his discomfort with wind. Cara creates a lovely relaxed atmosphere in the classes and it's nice to have the chance to meet and chat with other mums. The venue is very convenient with parking outside the front door

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