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Kylie vs Kylie - The Great Generation Gap

The BFF is a bit of a header (well water does tend to find it's its own level) and god bless her she still harbours the occasional notion of being young and 'with it' but it all came screaming home to her that she is in fact a deluded auld one

So she lands herself a new job a wee while ago, its a good respectable 'job for life' kind of job which is just as well coz as mentioned previously she's a bit of a header and as unpredictable as meself when the wine goes in.

Given the afore mentioned notions of trendiness the group she aligned herself to lunch with are a bit younger than her. One particular lunch time a few months ago they get onto the subject of the rumours that Kylie is pregnant. So the BFF throws her tuppence worth in and expresses her surprise remarking that Kylie is 'a bit long in the tooth' to be having a baby. BAHAHAHAHA well I can only imagine how the scene unfolded and let me tell yis lads I would have parted with cold hard cash for a ticket to that show. In my head there was deathly silence with all puzzled eyes on her, sandwiches that had ground to halt midway on their journey to the hungry mouths suspended mid air, a tumble weed rolls by. And finally somebody realises that they are not talking about the same Kylie, 'Tots Awks', or in the words of our generation MORTIFIED for ya!

So lads let this be a warning to you...... if your default Kylie is the Minogue variety you are in fact too old to be cavorting with millennials, they are all about the Jenner so just bear that in mind before you too make a holy show of yourself whilst trying to cling to your youth.

Of course when she told me this story, once I finished laughing I offered some comforting words but when the rumours were confirmed and Kylie Jenner delivered her baby I couldn't resist one final kick, so I dropped her a wee message to let her know the Minogue baby had arrived ;)

We all have a 'default' Kylie and it totally exposes your age

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