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Well I Wasn't Prepared For That...

Holy shmokes lads I'm shook! The brother played Gaelic football but other than that I have no experience with Gaelic games. Don't get me wrong, I hop on the occasional band wagon like when my childhood home team (Sean O'Mahony's from Dundalk) are doing really well. I keep an eye on the all Irelands, especially since my football mad friends are from Mayo so it's always a bit of craic to watch their emotional turmoil but apart from that I know little to nothing about the GAA. But when the girl expressed an interest in Camogie coaching at school I was all over it, she's generally not interested in sport and of course we all want them to be active so I'm like "Hell yeah you can go". She tells me she needs her own helmet and stick etc and I'm thinking its a small price to pay for keeping her fit..... how wrong I was.

So once himself's mild hangover subsides enough we bail into the car today and head off to the O'Neill's Factory shop. Of course him being English and me being clueless neither of us had a notion where it was but the Google maps looked after us. So we wander in like dumb and dumber and soon enough a nice chap cops our bewildered state and helps us what we need. Now of course because she's getting something that resembles a weapon the wee buck is delirious until he gets one too God help us all, he has been warned that if he batters anybody with it it will swiftly donated to another little boy, we can but live in hope that will deter him but I wouldn't stake my next meal on it.

Anyway we are finally kitted out with the essentials and yer woman is ringing it up and meself and himself are still not not the better of what happens next.....she announces the total and I swear to bejaysus I nearly took the head staggers.... the guts of €170. Here's me thinking that I'd probably swan out of there with everything I needed for about €50 so much for the free bloody coaching! I've just been fecking mugged in broad daylight in what appeared to be a respectable establishment, you live and learn. I just hope the boy enjoys wearing the pink helmet when she outgrows it coz I am in my backside forking out for another one, or maybe we could paint it perhaps

Delighted with themselves and oblivious to Mammy and Daddy's shock

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